Labor Land Doula Blissful Bain Fey Practitioner Course

Traditional Haitian Bain Fey Practitioner Course

Only available to Birth Workers and Herbal Care Specialists.

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Congratulations on your decision to become a Bain Fey Specialist!

We wish you blissful love and herbal happiness as you embark on this healing journey!

Learning to perform the Bain Fey is a process near and dear to our hearts. Our Haitian mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, mother-in-loves, aunts and sisters taught us this traditional form of postpartum care and we are forever grateful!

We bring this knowledge to you, coupled with professional development learned from our years as grade school educators, birth, postpartum and fertility doulas, placenta encapsulators, and business coaches. Rest assured that our technique has been vetted and ties in knowledge from all over Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora.

We are proud to serve you and your community as you learn to care for working women, pregnant people, and post pregnancy clients…all of whom can benefit from the healing nature of the Bain Fey! Bain Fey is the Traditional Haitian method to put the female body back together after pregnancy or exhaustion with a series of herbal baths, teas and yoni steams.

The Bain Fey Course teaches the origins of herbal care in the post pregnancy period, the rationale for each ingredient, and the methods to safely and properly procure, prepare, and provide the Bain Fey for clients.

*All packages Include a complimentary digital copy of Tamara Etienne's Bain Fey: A Step-by-Step Guide to Haitian Herbal Post Pregnancy Care and 50% complete 3-bath herbal package for 1st client.

**Bain Fey Course only offered to Birth Workers.

Access to Blissful Bain Fey Practitioner Course available for up to 90 days following live course.

Come learn to perform this age old practice!