Bain Fey

Your very own herbal spa at home!

Bain Fey is a highly regarded Haitian practice includes herbs that are used to strengthen and heal the body, Yoni steams and herbal teas.

The series is completed over 3 days and benefits all bodies, whether post pregnancy or not.

Bain Fey helps you to restore bodily strength and well-being after miscarriage, abortion, birth and over exertion at any point in life.

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  • Birth Bliss Doula Package

    Virtual Birth Doula Services, 3-Day Bain Fey Herbal baths, yoni steam, teas and meal packages at your home, Wellness Coaching and more

    Birth and Postpartum Doula Services 
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    Our customers rave about the power of the healing they feel after the Bain Fey and Yoni Steams!

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    In Person Bain Service at your home!

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