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Bain Fey: A Step-by-Step Guide to Haitian Post Pregnancy Herbal Care

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Bain Fey (literally “herbal bath”) is a well kept Haitian secret that the world deserves to hear about! Haitian mothers, grandmothers and aunts prepare these baths for you as a traditional method of natural healing, an increase in lactation (if you want), removal of excess fluids, old blood and overall well-being. The Bain was everyone’s medicine before there was a local pharmacy.

This highly regarded Haitian practice uses herbs that strengthen and heal the post-pregnancy body, through bathing, yoni steams and herbal teas. The Bain benefits the body even months after being pregnant and helps folks restore bodily strength and well-being after miscarriage, abortion, birth and over exertion at any point in life.

This manual teaches you to do the Bain by yourself even if you have never seen one before.

Welcome to the world of 
Bain Fey!