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Concierge Bain Fey: Traditional 3 Day Haitian Herbal Bath (Miami-Dade, Broward County, Florida & Southern Massachusetts Only)

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We are pleased to offer services for clients that want to be pampered in the Traditional Bain Fey way. We will come to your home for three days to bathe you, warm you with teas and yoni steams, bind you with your favorite belly bind and tidy your home as you go back to rest!

Ready made package includes Yoni steams, herbal teas, sea salt, sour orange slices, in person home visit from one of our Bain Fey Specialists and your own yoni steam bowl. Done over the course of 3 days, the Bain Fey (Herb Bath) benefits all bodies, whether post pregnancy or not.

Bain Fey helps to restore bodily strength and well-being after miscarriage, abortion, birth and over exertion at any point in life.